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Grammarchecker.net simplifies the discipline of retaining the word count while writing content with its FREE Word Counter tool!

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Sentence Count Tool

Our sentence count tool is free, accurate, simple and quick. It is a great way to simplify the discipline of retaining the word count.

With the word counter tool, you can keep track of the exact words present in a said document. This impeccable online tool calculates the total number of characters, letters, sentences, and paragraphs in each content. Users need to add the specific text in the input box and await the result on the precise count of words mentioned in it. And the ideal thing is clicking on the word word count you can check with this tool is unlimited.

Word Calculator Usage:

  • Writing small descriptions and meta tags with word constraints
  • Creating content for publishing, advertisement and academia
  • Preparing text for news or SEO Blogs
  • Any other text where you cannot exceed the specified word limit.

With the character counter, you can assess the total number of characters in the content, specifically when you have to publish it in Google Ads, Social media, and app. character count online is also a good tool when you have to prepare Website headlines and meta tags.

As want for the quality and valuable content is at an all-time surge, syllable counter helps keep pace with the word counts. Whether you are a newbie to the writing world or an online rambler, the sentence counter at Grammarchecker.net is a good tool to go for.

Lengthy documents are not accepted everywhere, and instead, they can hamper your impression when you have to explain more in lesser words. Word counter tool is also of great use as most social media platforms follow the character limits for the posts. Hence, you need to maintain the text count in the status that is in sync with the requirement of that platform.

For example:

  • Twitter occupies and accepts posts that are of a maximum of 280 characters.
  • Facebook users cannot create a post longer than 63,206 characters and do not allow comments of more than 8,000 characters.
  • Even Instagram adheres to a 30 hashtags limit, and you cannot post a caption of longer than 2,200 words.
  • Top blogs ranking on Google's first page also need to stay within the limits of 1800 words max.

Now you have enough reasons to adopt a character count online tool into your writing tasks. Every piece of content has a motive, and it is a tact to retain a certain word count for procuring its purpose. Noun counter or the essay word counter enables you to retain the content within the specified word limits. Apply your wits to create content that stays in pace with the dedicated word limits and other requirements. 

Word Counter Tool- Why Use Our Word Calculator?

An online word frequency counter is a phenomenal tool that reduces your jeopardy of manual character counting. When you are busy crafting the flair of content, it's practically impossible to count the characters and words manually.

And it can be frustrating to cut down the words once your text is ready to go. Using the character counter tool is a good idea to save your precious time glancing over a lengthy document to get an exact idea of its count.

Grammarchecker.net is a reputed platform where you get a reliable word count checker to get an exact clicking the word count with a blink of your eye. You can add content into the input box and calculate the characters of the text thereafter. The sentence counter tool is well-designed to depict precise outcomes, whether the content is long or short.

With a FREE Essay word counter tool, you can get an exact extract of characters and words present in your text. It's an advanced textual content analyzer simplifying your content requirements as per the platform where you need to post it.


Who Can Use Word Counter Online?

This tool is ideal for working on all types of content-related projects. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an ace writer, professional publisher, teacher, student or social media explorer, this is a perfect platform to get started.

New age bloggers also seek the help of this word frequency counter to cross-check if their post length is as per the Google algorithm or not. Along with word count check, for question check grammar same URL and ensure a flawless content.

There are two ways to utilize the word counter online tool. You can either copy and paste the content from your word file or run a scan to get accurate results on the count. The next option is to enter the content Url and upload the file directly from Google Documents to check the exact count.


What Makes Word Counter Tool by GrammarChecker.net Unique?

Due to the high functionality and use of character counter by various users, various providers offer multiple options to keep track of words in a text. Our essay word counter is convenient to use and pertains to a user-friendly interface. It is rich in features and provides a precise word count compared to other tools in the same line.


Highlights of Our Advanced Word Frequency Counter are:

  • 100% Accurate Results
  • Provides 'Detailed word statistics' comprising an exact number of word count and characters with and without spaces.
  • The noun counter also shows the keyword density for top phrases or terms in the text.
  • An extra word count in word statistics also includes the total sentences, count of unique words, tentative word or sentence length and the total paragraphs.
  • Specific 'length statistic' of our word count online displays short or long words and the average sentence length.
  • tool is a perfect and all-inclusive exclusive word count tool that analyses and explains the textual content in detail.

And the array of features related to this word count checker is accessible for 'FREE'.


Significance of Using Word Count Online

No matter whatever writing style you choose, the textual content limit applies to each of them. Syllable counter helps restrict and meet the word limits, whether for an e-book, blog, official document or academic papers. Even social media posts have a stringent word or character limits, and you need to use terms skillfully, whether for the Google AdWords ads or the Instagram posts.

The gist of social media is to hit users' minds with minimal word count quickly. Every platform has viewable characters that decide the count you can post online. Perhaps, character count online tool proves helpful to the digital marketer for effective management of the social media content. It's now possible to get rid of excessive and unproductive word limits with this pro counter tool online.

 Word Count Checker- Its Emphasis on Improving SEO Ranks

Are you engrossed in website SEO and link building? Well, then, content plays a crucial role in fetching organic ranks for your portal. While preparing content for SEO, you need to pay attention to the high-ranking content that already holds the top position on the search engines.

A general preview showcases that most of the top-ranking content on this platform is not more than 1,500 words or 2,000 words in a few cases. Though it is subjective most of the time.

The majority of the long-length content ranking on top are standard content that works perfectly for SEO. Such text is bound to get more traffic in a long time than the text related to current affairs or viral news.

SEO demands precise and informative text, which is only possible with long-length content. It allows users to pour in more data that makes your text more valuable for the readers. Such content is more prone to receive social shares and get backlinks in the future.

Word counter online ensures that the content you frame has the appropriate amount of words that enable you to be in sync with the SEO practices. Getting a clear hang of this word count dialog box can enable you to get top search ranks over a longer period.


Benefits of Using Our Word Counter Tool

  • Aids in prevention from exceeding the word limit.
  • Helps to work as per the specified project requirements.
  • Curate long or short content while ensuring that your valuable time or efforts do not go in vain.
  • Adhere to the right style of writing
  • Take note of exact characters with and without spaces
  • Advanced textual analyzer for content precision


Optimize Sentence Counter Tool to Create Content that's Worth a Share

Every writer desires to come up with a copy worth a share. A small post can only provide an overview of the topic, but its intricacies can get revealed only through detailed content. Resolving the readers' queries is possible when you incorporate all valuable data relevant to the topic for your readers.

Using the word frequency counter enables developing copy that could receive more shares and higher leads for the audiences. It can also impart amazing benefits by offering details to the audience.


Engaging Content for Readers

A pro writer aims at reader engagement to prevent higher bounce-back rates and retain them on the same page and number of pages to get all the data required. A monotonous or off-track post might persuade readers to hop on another page. Readable and interactive content within the required word count in microsoft can surely amp up your search engine rankings on Google.


Be a Disciplined Writer

Digital marketing is all about developing content as per the Google algorithm by maintaining the word limits as per the project requirement. You need to know the exact number of sentences required in a text that qualifies for SEO rankings.



Availing a higher conversion also proves beneficial in surging up the final sales, and that's an ultimate motive for many users. A short, crisp and to the point text can undoubtedly enable better conversion rates. Experiment with diverse styles to check which one suits you the most depending on the products or services you are promoting.


Steps to Use Word Counter Online

It is a versatile and incredibly simple tool that gives quick results on the exact syllable count of words, sentences, paragraphs and characters. Writers preparing documents for PPT, PDF Files, Adobe InDesign and Google Docs can utilize this tool to get precise results in a few steps slated down below:

  • Copy text from any file and paste it into the Word Counter input box.
  • Run a scan to check the exact number of words and characters in the text
  • The tool would auto calculate the specific content's words, sentences, and characters.
  • With an eye blink, you have complete-textual statistics on your screen.
  • Users can access this Free tool an unlimited number of times.
  • It easily retrieves data from all formats and types of files or documents.

Procure the word counter online today by Grammarchecker and add pace to your regular workflow with exact data on words. Digital marketers, students, bloggers, researchers, social media marketers and all types of writers can seek unlimited benefits with this impeccable tool now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this word counter is free?

Yes, you can use a word counter tool as it is free from ads or any disrupting word limits.

Is there any Word limit to access word count in the word tool?

Not at all! You do not have to face any restrictions while accessing this tool.

What's the maximum length of characters or words users can count?

There is NO LIMIT of words or the number of times you can check content through this tool. Paste any type of text and await exact results within a few seconds.

Does it also includes the length of paragraphs and sentences?

Yes, a good syllable counter tool also retrieves data about the total number of paragraphs or sentences present in any content.

What does the sentence counter tool mean?

word counter is an advantageous tool that gives quick data on the total count of characters, words, paragraphs and sentences with or without spaces. It is also compatible in multiple languages and defines the readability of text as well.

How to check the word count of the article?

copy your text and paste it into the input box. Run the file to check the exact word count and characters, sentences and paragraph details.

Word Counter tool is for students use?

yes its free for students. yes its free for students. yes its free for students. yes its free for students.