Typing Test

The Typing Test provides you with a 5-minute keyboard typing test to check your typing speed (WPM, CPM) and accuracy.

Online Typing Test:

Typing master test:

Our typing master test will provide you with a free online type test to check your writing ability by measuring the number of words per minute, the number of characters per minute, and the accuracy parameters.

Grammar Check

Speed Typing:

Take the Type Test Typing course. You must enter text in the field that is displayed. Press the button and the timer will start counting your time and mistakes. 

Spell Check

Typing Practice:

Quick 5 minute typing test to help you improve your typing skills. More practice results can reduce your typos and improve your precise typing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is a typing test?

The batter exam is the process of learning and improving typing abilities. Input capacity is measured with the accuracy of words per minute (WPM) and characters per minute (CPM). The more words you send per minute, the higher your score. As a result of measuring the writing speed of the written characters, it can be known that the writing speed is 30 people per minute. 

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What is words per minute (WPM)?

Words per minute (WPM) is the number of characters written in one minute. Words per minute are one important measure when testing your writing speed. 

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What is Character per minute (CPM)?

Characters per minute (CPM) is the number of characters recorded in one minute. CPM is a parameter for measuring write speed. The higher the value, the higher the CPM and write speed. 

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Why Typing test is important?

For copywriters, the ability of the batter is important, and the speed of the batter at the time of hiring is important. The written test can improve the accuracy with WPM, CPM and get good write speed. The faster the batter speed, the faster you can communicate with people and save time. It reduces typographical errors and improves the quality of work. The faster you practice, the more you can get.


1. The Typing Practice Test offers you typing tutorials on the screen. 

2. Start typing in the input box provided. 

3. Once you start typing, the timer will start counting the mistakes you made and the time. 

4. This is an advanced typing test, including letters, numbers, special symbols, etc. 

5. Provide the results of your typing skills, such as WPM, error counting. 


1. Online typing practice test tool, enhanced advanced functions.

2. Provides you with a 5-minute typing challenge to test your typing skills. 

3. This is a free service and no registration or registration is required. 

4. Our simple typing teacher is specially designed for beginners to learn typing skills. 

5.Our online writing speed checker is compatible with all desktop and mobile versions.