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Essay Checker

The Proofreading tool helps you to detect and correct errors in your papers. Essay Checker proofread your essay to ensure that there are no grammar, spelling, and punctuation and style mistakes. 


One of the most important aspects of a student's life is getting good grades, which is only possible if the work is efficient and error-free. Even awkward sentences can degrade the quality of your paper due to grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 


Essay Corrector 

As a result of the rapid advancement of internet technology, the world of language is changing in every way possible. Everyday vocabulary changes with time, and everyone must keep up. It's difficult to keep up with the latest trends, so a proofreading tool comes in handy. When reviewing papers, essays, and other projects for submission to schools and universities, our essay checker and corrector come in handy.

The online proofreader Tool

Proofreading online is an essential part of every writing. Incorrect use of grammar, spelling mistakes & awkward sentences is also detrimental to the article's readability that can lead to multiple negative results, like a paper rejection, lower grade, or an impression of carelessness.

We have to admit that this proofreading is a painful task for us- not only because this can be time-consuming and tedious, but some errors can remain unnoticed: this Grammar checker, an automated proofreading device.

We have been asking Grammar checkers for over one year for blog posts, scientific articles, and other writing. This checks spelling errors and grammar & delivers feedback to improve your writing.

Delivers premium account and free account. Some advanced features are available for premium users if it is a compelling essay proofreader to make the writing more catchy.

Proofreading tool Features:

Spelling and Grammar checks:

Grammar checker corrects typically over 150 types of spelling and grammatical errors. While we log in to our account, we copy & paste the text in the grammar checker editor and copy editor space or upload the actual document to an editor.

The specific software underlines the possible confusing words and misspelt words & delivers the recommended changes in the particular side comments. We can select to ignore or to accept the suggested change.

Grammar checker also delivers the free browser extension for chrome, Firefox, and safari. We have this on our Google chrome. As we write the email or the post on Twitter, Facebook, & other social media, the grammar checker instantly checks the grammar & conducts the proofreading jobs.

Users also can download this grammar checker & install this in Microsoft office. Grammar Checker can check the writing errors in Microsoft outlook and word.

Grammar checker permits the users to add the words to their dictionary, so those particular words will not be flagged as misspellings. We also can indicate whether we are utilizing British English or American English in our profile. Proofreadingonline in this app can rectify all grammatical faults.

Additional advanced spelling and grammar checks:

It delivers over hundred advanced checks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition to the basic spelling and grammar checks, the grammar checker premium version generally serves as the critical reviewer of our spots. It works with more possible errors to consider correcting.

Suggestions on vocabulary enhancement :

The premium feature is also intended to improve the actual quality of writing by delivering recommendations on the use of sentence and word structures. For instance, this notices some certain words have been over-utilized & provides possible alternatives.

Checking of Genre-specific writing

By default, this writing style is also set as general. We can customize this to business, academic, creative, technical, casual, and medical. Within every category, there are some subcategories to specify the actual writing style further.

When most spelling and grammar checks remain the same for every genre, the grammar checker suggests some specific grammar problems according to the selected styles.

For instance, while we set the tone as technical, this commented on the actual use of the subjunctive mood in the sentence. This subjunctive mood is rarely proper for medical or technical writing. We can also use this as an essay proofreader.

Plagiarism checker

Grammar checker premium account also checks your documents for plagiarism against over eight million web pages. Please note that this only checks against publicly accessible websites.

While we copied & pasted the actual paragraph from our article in the open- across the journal, the grammar checker flagged our text as hundred per cent unoriginal & also delivered the trustworthy source of the actual content.

Grammar checkers deliver other free resources to improve our writing. Grammar checker handbook gives guidance & tips on punctuation, grammar, sentence clarity and sentence style, and many other areas of writing.

Grammar checker answers in the online community for the professional writers to help each other in English writing. Grammar checker blog delivers regular insight and thoughts on grammar and writing.

Do not spelling and grammar errors by writing roadblocks? Use a Grammar checker to correct those particular mistakes & to improve writing. We can begin with the free account & utilize the essential functions. We require the premium account for more advanced features to get the optimal outcomes.

Proofreading online Device:

They are improving by minutely checking the actual material's content for errors before sharing or distributing this. We generally hire low-maintenance and full-time editors who have demonstrated modification & enhancement capabilities.

Editing consists of minutely reading the actual kitchen evidence or distributing the digital copies to discover & address the errors in the existing content of this text. English is the natural way for evaluating the final draft of the influential essay to assure accuracy and consistency in spelling, grammar, layout, and grammar.

Editing jobs means reviewing our content minutely to discover and deal with errors and types in fashion, spelling, and punctuation. Here are some specific tips. Modifications involve checking the near distribution or final registry for typographical errors, language errors, or spelling errors.

Modification is the final part of an innovation cycle & the articles are also classified according to mechanical correctness like accent, spelling, syntax, & ignored. Learn about the evaluations and revisions between the revisions in the newsletter, & know which management department has made them for us.

Essentially, an editor also checks the actual playback of the specific file to notice the format and consistency of the recording. Modification is the verification interaction of the content materials to check the essential accuracy of spelling, composition, accent, and language structure. Rising also can be a troublesome cycle, especially while you do not know where to begin or what this particular interaction involves.

This editing definition verifies and examines the actual processing—the easiest way to utilize sentence editing. The publisher assures that the content material is entirely free from language, misprints, accent, spelling, layout, grammar & other similar faults. Improvements are part of the actual change cycle, including reusing our paintings or works.

Proofreader :

Improved English management & also change for logic and school article makers for evaluation and distribution in every research field. Check, modify & verify various evidence and also repair copies of the actual content of books and articles before issuance. Editing is all about paying full attention to the real subtleties, which can help our audience understand our message.

Importance of correct proofreading and editing

Above mentioned benefits have already caught our eye, but let us consider what we can get from this particular app. Our nerves will be secure & sound. Imagine sitting after piece of writing the tires article, going through our paper, reading this 1000 times to solve every problem, and this seems that our nerves will be entirely on edge.

Give more time

We will save precious time by utilizing verification grammar corrections & the actual thesis will also be completed in no time. Using the correct grammar checker also will enhance our target audience just because people like high-quality writing & essays with the correct grammar is also worth reading. This grammar checker is also used as an essayproofreader to make a more attractive and outstanding essay.

Highest ratings

The teacher will be impressed with solid and correct writing grammar. Following every grammar rule of English can also be complicated & the good news is that we can easily use this grammar checker app, which can guide us to solve all grammatical issues. So, this Grammar checker app is very much essential for actual proofreading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the last step before publishing an article. It checks your text for grammar, spelling, style, misused words, awkward sentences, and all other types of typo's errors.

Proofreading includes three main tasks:  

checking language to make sure it is accurate, concise, and effective; checking to spell and checking formats, such as the rules governing headings, captions, footnotes, line spacing, margins, indentation, and numbering rules.

Why Proofreading is important?

Proofreading is an important step in producing high-quality documents in the academic world and many professions. It is critical to carefully review your work in order to avoid mistakes and ensure consistency throughout your document. 


If you can't make your text sound professional, you'll look unprofessional, and your company will lose credibility with customers and regulators. Technical writers use style guides to ensure they're using correct terminology and wording. 


Our essay checker and corrector tool provide you to create error-free academic or professional documents. We aim to help you write better and more confidently.

Does this app highlight the changes when proofreading the content?

Yes, when the proof reading is over by the app, it highlights where all there are mistakes. This makes it easier for the user to correct the mistakes.

What kind of mistakes are pointed by the app?

All types of English mistakes are pointed out by the app such as adjectives, nouns, pronouns, spelling mistakes etc.

Does it consider the difference in English US and UK?

Yes, you can put your preference of the language, and then accordingly it considers the mistakes. 

How many words in a day can I check from the app?


The best part about the app is that you can proofread as many words as you want in a day, as there are absolutely no restrictions available.